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    Full Name: Phile Angelos.

    Nickname(s): Philly.

    Gender: Female.

    Age: 17.

    Date of birth: 17th June, 2389S.

    Place of birth: A much smaller town called Eubio near the coast down South.

    Job: Alchemist

    Interests and hobbies: Travelling, alchemy, philosophy, biology (mainly human anatomy and uses of plants).

    Religious Belief: Phile favourites Marventa and Aestheria. Though she is a firm believer in the Gods above, she also believes in the power of plants for healing, and often attempts to heal others with her creations. She regularly visits the temples to exchange her thankfulness for yet another day of success in her passions and work.

    Signature Item (s): A dagger gifted by Eubio's blacksmith. It has Phile's initials engraved in the blade, as well as an alchemy symbol for the sun (Gold).

    Story Paragraphs: Phile wasn't poor, neither was she rich. Her life in Eubio was as simple as anyone else's: day by day, she would sit by the coast, detailing the stars in the sky onto the sand as though it was a game. Her father was actually a warrior, though conflict was rare so he stayed set often. Phile’s mother was a stay-at-home mother, spending most of her life caring for Phile’s four brothers. Her family moved to the Mainland when Phile was 5, which introduced her to some more opportunities, but not many. Firstly, she learnt religion. She instantly grew a liking towards Marventa and Aestheria after overhearing what they rule and the prophecies they may reward. Her knowledge of all the Gods’ and Goddesses’ histories are quite basic, only knowing that there is ongoing conflict and what they rule over. She also began to acknowledge the power behind herbal medicines and their advantages, which sparked her interest in herbology, and soon alchemy.

    Phile speaks carefully to people, though she is a welcoming character and doesn't deny a conversation often. She travels around, as said previously. She may be missing for a few days on end, but will always return, and sometimes with goods too. She may easily become sidetracked upon the sight of vibrant flowers, as well as a ray of light shining off a freshly cut weapon.

    Phile now resides alone, for her family and friends remained behind in the Mainland. Their reason? They felt comfortable with their life choices, and they failed to believe that there may be a better world elsewhere for them. For now, she wants to make herself comfortable in the new territory, as well as between various groups of the hierarchy. Whether the person is poor, a criminal, or standing political advantage, Phile refuses the differences between her and other people between what she wants to say and what she yearns to do, even after considering the consequences.
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    Hello and welcome!

    Sorry about the late response to your bio. Gave it a read and it was very well-written and quite a change from most other bios.

    Congratulations and we hope to see you in Elpida soon :D

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