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    Full Name: Orgem Saterl (prefers to be called by just Org though)
    Nickname: Oddjob
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Date of Birth: 20 December 2387S
    Place of Birth: The Capital of Patraeia
    Current Residence: Outskirts of Elpida
    Job: Jack of all trades
    Interests and Hobbies: Lazing around, puzzles
    Religious Belief: He finds it a waste of time to do silly things such as praying.
    Signature Item: Broken Harp, currently adrift in the sea.


    Orgem was the son of well-off crafters; they crafted things and sold them at the capital of Patraeia, which was a place that they frequently went to from their home via wagon, and also a place they frequented for supplies. Orgem took a liking to the melodies of Patraeia at the age of 10; and so his parents bought for him a harp of the highest quality they could afford, and sent him off to learn music with his peers. However, as he was not very proficient, the other students ostracized him; and one day, he returned from his music classes and threw the harp into the back of the wagon.

    When he was 11, he took interest in his parents' crafting. Perhaps what he crafted could be called crude, but it was not unusable; though it could be argued that the tools his parents gave him, a dagger and a hammer, were not sufficient for actual crafting. While riding in the wagon, he sought something to do, and chanced upon sacks of flint and feathers. Beating the flint into shape with the hammer and fletching feathers with his dagger, he made a pile of arrows - crude they may be. His parents soon discovered the disappearance of a great many sticks, and reprimanded him for using them without permission.

    His carefree life ended when he was 14. Just outside the gates of Patraeia, the wagon was attacked by thieves; his parents were trying to fight the thieves off, hoping the guards at Patraeia would notice, and come to rescue them. Oh, and Orgem was in the back of the wagon, hidden from the thieves. He was certainly not cowering in fear; using his dagger, he sawed away at the harp his parents bought him. Why? Because he knew the guards would not come. After all, humans are selfish. Why would the guards come and intefere when they could just strike a deal with the thieves, to split the earnings in return for not getting caught? So, he was making a weapon. And as his parents fell, he took up an arrow, nocked it, and shot it at a thief.

    At 15, he lived in the dark alleys of the capital. He assassinated people with arrows from his harp, and surprised assassins with the razor thin string of his harp. After all, the string was of a high quality; it could easily cut someone's neck if someone attempted to get close. While in the dark streets, he saw high-ranking nobles discussing about how to overthrow the senate; he saw merchants doing illegal deals, all with a smile. He was disgusted. He was disgusted of this city, where guards colluded with thieves, the senate was embroiled in a civil war, and merchants only cared of profit. He wanted to escape the rotten city of Patraeia. He heard of Elpida, a new land of promise. However, the sailors didn't want him aboard. Why? Because the merchants were transporting illegal goods, so no passengers were allowed on those ships in fear of discovering the goods, and as such, only the people who could afford a passenger ship could get to Elpida. So he made a raft, and tied it to the anchor of a ship journeying to Elpida. And his beloved harp, during the rough journey, fell off the raft and is now adrift in the sea.

    On the raft, he had nothing to do but think. Maybe you think he should have prayed to the gods. But the worshippers of the gods disgusted him. The musicians, governed by Aestheria, only cared of skill. The guards, governed by Ignarus, and the thieves, governed by Phaedron, only cared of self-benefit. The leaders, governed by Legaros, was constantly in internal conflict. The sailors, governed by Marventa, and the merchants, governed by Metus, colluded to transport illegal goods. If believing in a god, choosing a profession, meant associating with them, he would rather remain alone. Then, what should he do for a living in Elpida? He wasn't bad at any job; but he wasn't good at any job either. So, he decided to do jobs as he liked; and never be corrupted like those who only think of self-benefit.

    Side Note: I think I wrote a bit too much. Yeah, a bit. I also have no idea what I was trying to do with the background, but I have the distinct feeling I wanted to have my character be in a "grey area", or in other words, someone who could do whatever he wanted, and not be restrained by a job or something. Yeah. Uh, that's the end of the side note, I suppose. I think I overdid it though...
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    Very nice! Btw, you can never write too much! @Alir99 told me that! Hopefully you get approved, see you in game!
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    Looks great!
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    Really good story. You've clearly researched the lore. Welcome to Frontiers!
    Send @tcvs a message with your MC details so he can give you your prototype badge and access to the server.

    Best of luck!
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    *Writes in his notes to make exactly that at a later date*

    Also, congratulations @org36 ! Can't wait too see you in the game! :D
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    Congratulations! Cannot wait to see you in game.
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    hola you should know who i am young org36 XD, hope to see you soon

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