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    Full Name: Zadane
    Nickname(s): Demon of the pit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Place of birth: Mainland, small shack in the woods
    Current residence: Wherever there is coin to made
    Job: Mercenary, Assassin
    Interests and hobbies: Fighting, Killing, Cheap booze
    Religious Belief: Phaedron
    Signature Item (s): Nerezza - The blade he used in the pit, A necklace left to him from his mother.

    Zadane has known only darkness since birth, born in a small shack in a deserted forest his mother ashamed at what she was doing but knew that it had to be done. His mother was only a teenager when she got pregnant with him, the father being a friend of hers from the city he was unaware of his existence. Only the girls father knowing about the pregnancy he brought her to the shack to hide her from the shame it would have cast on their family. When he was born his mother thought she would hate the sight of him from all the hardships she faced but when she looked upon him she could only cry as she thought how could she even consider hating such a beautiful creature, but she realized she could not take him with her. In the night she took him to a what looked like a church on the outskirts of the city, she knew that the people of a church would take good of him and she looked upon him one last time, as she did though she took off her necklace that her mother had given her before she died and she lied it with the slumbering baby. What she did not know is the church was for the followers of Phaedron and that the baby was anything but safe.

    The followers of church decided to raise the baby as one of them and so his childhood was not one filled with playing and laughing but blood and darkness. They named him Zadane but did not give him a last name as they did not think he would need one. The church taught him to steal and to fight for them and that only by doing evil deeds could he receive praise from Phaedron. Kept in a dark room that felt like a prison cell Zadane could only stare at four walls, his only solace was the necklace that he wore around his neck always that let him think of his mother. When he reached the age of 12 the church decided he was old enough for the fighting pits, a dark arena filled with people who cheer for people to kill each other for their entertainment. But by this age Zadane's eyes were empty, he would kill anyone placed in front of him in the pit. The fights ranged from fists, to swords to even wooden sticks, but it didn't matter to Zadane he killed every person who stepped into that ring with him. By the age of 17 he had become the attraction of the fighting pits only losing a handful of fights but his bloodlust kept him going. One day though it all changed, Zadane was put into the ring with a boy who could only have been about 14, he couldn't move at first when he saw the boy shivering wearing only a bit of cloth and holding a dagger. The crowd yelled for them to fight but Zadane had drowned them out thinking only that he had been taught to kill all his life and what was stopping him from killing this person. Zadane dropped his sword and approached the boy asking his name, the boy didn't respond he could only focus on the crowd shouting for them to fight. Zadane knew what had to be done so he whispered to the boy to stab him, the boy couldn't believe what he heard but Zadane looked at him with a stern face. The boy gathered his wits and shoved the dagger into Zadane's stomach, as he saw the dagger sticking into Zadane he fell to the ground crying. But Zadane told him everything was okay just before he passed out. The crowd couldn't believe it, Zadane the one who they came to call the Demon of the pit was defeated by a child. Zadane awoke in his chambers with the master of the fighting arena. He told him that he was no longer welcomed in the pit and that he would give him some money as payment for all the years he fought in the pit. He left the only place he had known since childhood and wandered the land. He made it to a port city where he heard talk of a city called Elpida where there was opportunity. Using what money he left Zadane bought passage to Elpida to start his new life.

    When he got to Elpida he found work doing the only thing he knew how to, kill. He started a small group of mercenaries that would kill or bodyguard for hire. After a few years his name was quite known as the child who conquered the fighting pit and leader of a mercenary group.

    Height: 6ft 4in
    Weight: 186 pounds
    Body: Toned muscular, skinny
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: shoulder length straight, black
    Scars: Majority of chest and back covered in scars mainly from fighting in the pit, various scars caused from blades on arms and legs, scar on left cheek

    Expert with swords after spending most of his life using them.
    Efficient with knifes and sneaking after being trained by the followers of Phaedron through childhood.
    moderate resistance to pain after receiving so many injuries through fights.

    Intelligence in moderate but never received schooling.
    Battle sense and instinct is quite good though.
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    Nice bio, good read.

    Pits sound interesting
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    I am very glad to see another Phaedron follower.
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    Very nice bio. I enjoyed reading it.

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