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Discussion in 'Intros and Outros' started by ologenis, Oct 20, 2015.

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    Hi im Ologenis, a new builder for the server. I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.1 and still love it, always enjoyed the creative aspect of the game which is what inspires me to build and learn new build styles.
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    Welcome to the team! Too bad I left before you came. I hope you have a great time building for us (them). Welcome to the forums!
  3. jamestiger

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    You may have your coders, who help the server run and add unique features, you have community members and administrators to keep things orderly, you can have amazingly deep lore from your lore guy, but for most players all that will be for naught if the landscape looks like utter shite. Look forward to seeing your work and the rest of the team's as well, welcome to Minecraft Frontiers! (now I must go because Cristopher's bio needs posting and the procrastination is strong with me.)
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    Hey Ologenis.
    I'm just going around giving feedback to people, but I can't forget our important builders, who put a lot of time into making sure the server looks great. Thank you for your time and dedication.
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