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    Username: oddledoo

    Discord Username (only if you want to be verified in the Discord group): scribbollie#6240

    Full Name: Ollie Jay Reed

    Nickname(s): Ollie, Jay

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Date of birth: 8/31/2384S

    Place of birth: Mainland

    Job: Carpenter

    Interests and hobbies: The arts, music, nature

    Religious Belief: Believes wholeheartedly in Aestheria

    Signature Item (s): A small music box he keeps in his bag

    Story Paragraphs:

    Ollie was born into a family lacking wealth and thus learned to work for his share from an incredibly young age. He picked up work in his father’s carpentry workshop at age 13 and found the work suited him, from the calming scent of the wood to the way he was able to make almost anything he wanted to. He enjoyed the freedom of being able to make things for his family and being able to sell them. At age 17 he left his home to go start his own carpentry business.

    Over his years of work, he heard people talking about Elpida and the wonders that awaited there. He knew deep down that he wouldn’t be satisfied in his stationary life. He struggled with thoughts of leaving for two years before finally giving in to what he truly desired. He sold everything he owned, bid his family farewell, and set out to take a trip to where his new life awaited him.
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    Hello and welcome!

    An interesting bio you have written here, however we do require a bit more detail. Can you maybe add a bit more describing your character's life before moving to Elpida?


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