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    Full Name: Sovaros

    Nickname(s): Nothos

    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Date of birth: 2378S
    Place of birth: N/A
    Current residence: N/A Elpida
    Job: Hermit
    Interests and hobbies: Natural world, flora, fauna, peace and quiet
    Religious Belief: Impartial, but cautious. Worships Metus
    Signature Item (s): Knobled cypress cane


    Of Sovaros I shall tell a tale. A tale of struggle, of growth, but ultimately, a tale of curiosity. Life is a fickle thing, this Sovaros learnt quickly. The challenges of youth were neither few nor far between for this young man. His parents were too young to care for him when he was born, they gave him to a farming family in the hopes that he would have a place in the world that had no plan for him. His youth was fraught with hardships. Without parents to call his own, his life on the farm was one of yearning, yearning for a family, wishing for people to call his own. His parents had intended the farm to provide a home for him where they could not, yet this was not the reality. Though Sovaros was young when he came to the farm, he was not accepted as his parents might had hoped. However, do not think this is to say that Sovaros’ life was a bad one from the start. The family and farm hands gave him work, a warm place to sleep, and two good meals a day, but for a child this is not enough. People came and went on the farm, and Sovaros found comfort in a few who called the farm a home for a while. Various travelers in need of work, but as such things go, these travelers continued traveling. In the end, Sovaros had no father, nor any mother to whom he could defer his emotional frustrations. Instead, he turned to curiosity, and the exploration of the natural world.

    Though his childhood was challenging, Sovaros made the most of the stability of the farm. He learnt much of the goings-on, of the farm’s functions and products, of the various uses of the area’s flora, and of the wonders of animal life. From here we may find the soul of Sovaros’ curiosity about the natural world. This interest and passion gave him a home in his mind, a quiet place to spend his time while performing his monotonous farm tasks. And so, when Sovaros came of age, he struck out in the search of new curiosities. It is now that Sovaros finds his way into the heart of the philosopher’s culture. His pursuit for knowledge, and tendency to bode on what reasonable folk may call nonsense, lead him to kindred spirits. Philosophers, however, much like life, are fickle. Their interests vary from day to day, and so to does their patience for the ramblings on of individuals less focused on the enigmas of logic. Sovaros was far too focused on the natural world to pursue the intrigues of philosophical thought were logic was concerned, though well versed in logic, and fully capable of discussing it… Sovaros had a tendency to fall drowsy at the mere mention of logical conundrums. Instead, his interest was deeply seated in the networks of interaction that mark the natural world.

    This interest is what drove Sovaros to the lands of Elpida. With the money gained through his pandering to various wealth philosophers and noblemen, Sovaros struck out across the seas to find the fabled land of Elpida. His only thoughts were of the wonders it would hold, the animals, the plants, the natural world in whole. His curiosity had always sent him on poorly conceived ventures into undocumented places. The lack of communication between Elpida and the mainland merely fed the fires of Sovaros’ curiosity. His urge to document these mystical lands was too powerful to allow him peaceful rest on the mainland, and so off he set.

    Sovaros is no religious man. Though he does not see the sense in angering deities regardless of whether they exist. As such his worship is set to the God Metus, bringer of the harvest and the warmth of the sun. His praise for such a God was forced upon him by his time on the farm, where the harvest is all that keeps a man or woman from deaths decaying door.

    Sovaros’ signature item is undeniably his walking stick. An early life of intense manual labor led him to develop joint problems at an early age. Apparently, his family still bears him gifts after leaving him at the farm, this time a gift of frail body. This walking stick is no special thing, merely a knobled branch of cypress, resembling (though not to anyone but Sovaros) a peregrine falcon at the handle, and… well… a knobled branch of cypress at the bottom.
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