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    Tiger_Noir, Tiger_Noir#4479, Noir Knight, Noiry/N, Female,17, 14/11/2386, Mainland, Hunter, Making Weapons for personal use/ Sketching and Painting, Worships Aestheria and Marventa, A ancient Bow passed down through generations.

    My life on the Mainland was pretty basic, I lived with my family consisting of My Mother, Father, and two brothers. We were a hunting family, my mother worked in the butchers and my father was a hunter. When I was young I learned how to use a bow from my older brother Agua, we then went on hunts together in the forest. We would catch deer and rabbits and the occasional wolf. When I got older my mother and father decided to give me their family heirloom, A bow crafted from an ancient tree deep in the hills.
    I decided to go to Elpida to start my own family and hunting group, to eventually have my own child to pass my bow on to.
    My special Item is My bow Called Aria.
    I follow Aestheria and Mareventa

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