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    Username: Arkangel134
    Discord Username: Tronics147#4088
    Full Name: Kait Giovannia Joestar
    Nickname(s): Kait, JoJo
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Date of birth: 6th May 2386S
    Place of birth: Coastal Mainland
    Job: Giovanni Joestar Family Accountant
    Interests and hobbies: Birds and smithing
    Religious Belief: Aestheria/Marventa
    Signature Item (s): Small emerald ring, small diamond necklace

    Kait Giovanni Joestar (formerly Palmer) is the Giovanni Joestar's most valued asset besides the two adventurous brothers. Married to Arch Giovanni Joestar, she often tends to the more calm side of family life such as managing the banks and ensuring contact with city people. However, when not handling her duties she often finds herself looking up towards the birds exploring the skies or the way the blacksmiths could mold steel into intricate items. Though she wasn't impressed when she discovered Arch's intended journey to the mainland she supported it without a challenge. Upon his departure she took the reigns of the family, ensuring that the money the Giovanni Joestar brother's had left was invested wisely and returned profits beyond that of even Arch's capabilities. She ensured the family not only survived but thrived and in doing so, became elected mayor of the small coastal town. Soon after becoming mayor she received a letter from Elpida with a stamp only she would recognize, Josh's.

    After reading the contents of the letter she discovered Arch had been posted as the Executive Magistrate, Elpida's militia commander. She had also discovered that he had recently been in a large battle which resulted in him being gravely injured. It also contained enough money to allow her passage to Elpida amongst one of the finest ships, courtesy of Josh's profession of jewelry. She got her affairs in order, appointed a new mayor and set sail for Elpida. Though before she did, she looked back through the history of her life.

    The day she met Arch was at her interview to become the accountant for the family. At first she wasn't very impressed with him, even going as far as to assume that he would come across as a rough, war riddled sounding male. Unfortunately for her this was not the case, as his voice was very prim and proper. He ensured that he used the correct words and would be easily recognizable anywhere in the land. Soon after the interview was completed she received word that she had the job. She returned the next day, to which Arch showed her the extensive history of the family, how they settled in the port town and slowly helped expand it. How him and his brother often dived deep into forgotten ruins, disappearing for days on end until they had searched every single crevasse. It wasn't until she got to his messily written ledger that she realized just how long he had needed an accountant, or at least someone to get his affairs in order. Soon the two were inseparable and within months they were officially dating. Within a year they had tied the knot and were officially married under Aestheria's gaze. Sworn to each other under the watchful eyes of both their patron gods, they were never to be apart. For the special occasion Josh made her a small amber ring to keep and Arch bought her an expensive diamond necklace. She never took these off unless showering and even then, they were in a lockbox which only she had the key too.
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    Hello and welcome!

    A really good bio, also it was nice to see the inclusion of different players in your bio. Generally your character should not really know about the affairs of Elpida too much, but given the circumstances, I think it's not a big deal here.

    Welcome to the community :D

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