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    Username: jjay11
    Discord Username (only if you want to be verified in the Discord group): jjay#1006
    Full Name: Auracandal
    Nickname(s): Aura
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Date of birth: 2367s
    Place of birth: Mainland
    Job: Blacksmith
    Interests and hobbies: Driven on work and a bit of a workaholic to the point of it bieng a flaw
    Religious Belief: Metus
    Signature Item (s):
    My hammer the first one i had on the first day i became a smithy

    I was born on the mainland my mother a cook and my father a smithy, my life growing up was not exciting it was a day to day of seeing my dad work and studying it so that one day i could be a smithy just like him, i remember the assassination of emperor Claudius my dad seemed pretty upset, my mum was very shocked and ever since then they have refused to talk about it with me.

    ever since then i have sunk into work and become a respected smithy and one that everyone can come to and talk to so i may build or repair their wares. i one day want to be regarded as the best smithy in the mainland and the only thing that will make that happen is me continuing to have my work and focus on making the best gear i possibly can
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    Please add a full date of birth for your character (as in date and month) and also a surname. You will also need to add at least 2 more paragraphs before it can be approved.

    Good luck :D

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