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    Username: HotCoco278
    Discord Username : HotCoco#2363
    Full Name
    : Collin Emerai
    Nickname(s): Eme, or Collin.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Date of birth: February 5th, 2383S
    Place of birth: Mainland
    Job: Unemployed
    Interests and hobbies: Gambling, Husbandry
    Religious Belief: Follower of Metus.
    Signature Item (s): His fathers monocle.

    Story Paragraphs: While Collin was on Mainland he was a politician's son. Before he took on politics, Collin's father was a farmer by the name of David Emerai. The shift from economic status changed Collin, and made him greedy. Collin would often be caught trying to steal valuables at the market, though he never succeeded . When he was in his teen years, he tried gambling. He won his first few bets, it was tough to get a luck streak.

    Then, after a heated debate his father was assassinated. The killers tried to find Collin but he was out of town, his mother wasn't as lucky. When he heard the news, he turned to gambling, wasting thousands of coins. Because he ran out of money, and for fear of death he spent the last of his fathers earnings on a boat to Elpida.
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    Hello and welcome to Minecraft Frontiers!

    First and foremost, I do apologise about the delay. You have a pretty solid start to your bio, however we do require a bit more description before we can approve it. Try writing a bit more about your character's history and personality, or maybe about their decision to move to Elpida.

    Best of luck!

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