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    Thank you for registering at Minecraft Frontiers. Please take the time to fill out your profile and add an avatar, and then feel free to get started with discussion in our forums!

    This brief video tutorial (by @cman64) shows some of the new features in our forums:

    Quick Links
    • Main Forum List - Find a topic you are interested and explore. You can post new threads or reply to existing ones.
    • New Posts - See all the activity as its happening.
    • New Member Section - Just want to say hi and introduce yourself? Create a thread here.
    • News Page - All the latest news and announcements for Minecraft Frontiers.
    • Wiki - The culmination of all Minecraft frontiers lore and knowledge.
    Getting Started
    • Getting Started Guide - This guide covers everything you need to know to have a smooth start at Minecraft Frontiers.
    • Character Biography - In order to get access to the server, you must create a character biography. It is recommended that you read this guide which explains how to create one. After you read the guide, please create a thread here. Please take a look at the other biographies and the recommended format first before posting your biography.
    • Custom Lore - This forum section is devoted to any facet of lore that isn't a biography. Stories, art, journals, detailed documentation on your character's origins, encyclopedia entries, and any other form of lore-based creation are all more than welcome in this section. If you would like more details on this section, see here.
    Need Help?
    • For general questions related to the forum, server, and/or website, you can post to our designated help section.
    • If you have a question specific to your account, you can reply down below for a quick response or message any of the Administrators and/or Moderators of Minecraft Frontiers.
    We welcome you to our amazing community and hope you enjoy your stay! if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    The Minecraft Frontiers Team

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