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    Username: LouMellow

    Discord username: SportyBadge#3700

    Full Name: Ermin Kinthaert

    Nickname(s): -

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Date of birth: December 10th, 2383S

    Place of birth: A small town on the north side of Mainland

    Job: Soldier

    Interests and hobbies:
    Interests: Music, Reading old tales, Adventure, Nature, Art.

    Hobbies: Exploring, Helping others, enforcing the law, making people smile.

    Religious Belief: Believes in God the Aether, Legaros

    Signature Item (s): His sister's necklace, it's a silver chain with a small bottle, it holds small pieces of Ruby's which she got from her mother a long time ago.

    A small whistle, given by a friend Ermin met a long time ago. A promise, to one day meet in Elpida again.

    Story Paragraphs:

    When Ermin was only 4 years old, him and his older sister Emma were abondened by their parents in a dark alley.

    Scared and alone, both children didn't know what to do. They sat by a wall for month's, surviving simply by other people's kindness, one time, a small family walked by and saw them in terrible condition. A little girl around Ermins age from the family kindly walked up to them and said "you look hungry. Poor people. Here, i brought some food for the both of you, its not much but, i hope its enough." She smiled and gave them 4 loafs of bread. The children started crying, they said thank you over and over again for a little while and little Ermin hugged the girl. They said their goodbye's and went to their food stash in the alley to put the bread there.
    At night, when Emma was asleep, Ermin had his eyes wide open, he saw the kindness in other's and wanted to be just like them, he wanted to help people.

    The next day, the girl came back, but she saw only Ermin sitting there, the girl walked up to him, sat next to him and started talking to him. They talked for hours, and when Ermins sister came back she joined in on the fun. After that day, the girl known as Megan came to visit them everyday with food and played around and chatted for hours. It went on like that for month's and one day, Ermins sister wasn't around again, Megan walked up to Ermin, sad, she told Ermin that her and ber parents are moving to Elpida and that she couldn't do anything about it. She gave him a small whistle with holes. Megan told him, if he blows on the whistle, he can change the sound it makes just by putting his finger on one of the holes. Ermin was so happy, he hugged Megan in tears and promised, that one day he will visit her in Elpida. Megan told him that she'll be waiting. They said their final goodbye's and Megan was never seen again.

    A few years later, when Ermin turned 9, his sister was already 14 and was trying her best to find a job to make some money for the both of them. It didn't take too long and his sister was already working as a cleaning lady, she had to scrub the floors, clean the tables, clean the dishes and so on. The work was hard but the pay was surprisingly decent, it was enough to supply both her and Ermin with food at least.
    A year later, Emma was still doing her job and Ermin decided to walk around town, Emma told him to stay put in their alley which they started to call home but it was too boring for Ermin, he finally wanted some kind of adventure and so he started exploring on his own. He saw so many interesting looking people. By accident, he bumped into a young looking soldier, Ermin was very short compared to him so he got pushed and he fell down, he looked up to the soldier and he had wide eyes, they started talking and after a while, they became friends. The soldier's name was Edwin, he told Ermin lot's of things about soldier's and their weapons and a little about how they were made. Ermin was so shocked, he told Edwin right away he wants to become a Soldier like him and Edwin flicked his forhead and said "Aren't you a little young to be a Soldier? Besides, think of what you're saying, being a soldier is a dangerous job, its serious hard work and you could get badly hurt". But Ermin was a brave boy, he said he could take on the whole world if he wanted to. Edwin laughed and noded.
    When Edwin was finished laughing Ermin asked something a 10 year old probably wouldn't normally ask, but he asked Edwin to let him train under him. Edwin was surprised, he thought for a moment and told him that he isn't the right person to ask this. Edwin told him that he can train, but that he should train under his old teacher Derlyn, he's always looking for new student's to train with him and that he'll be glad to take Ermin there.

    They both went to Edwin's old teacher and found him in his Training hall, meditating. Edwin approached him and they both greeted with a smile, Edwin introduced little Ermin and explained the whole situation. Derlyn was more than happy to let Ermin train under him, he even offered him and his sister a place to stay cause he felt so bad. Ermin jumped in joy and of course he accepted his offer. Derlyn told him that his training begin's tommorow early in the morning.

    Ermin couldn't wait to tell Emma the news so he ran as fast as he could and finally told her what happened. Emma couldn't believe it, she started crying a bit and hugged Ermin. They packed their stuff and moved to Derlyn's home. Finally, they could sleep normally and have a good night's rest.

    Time went on, Emma found a new job as a cashier in a flower shop and Ermin continued his training. As he was training, he asked Derlyn if he has heard of a place called Elpida, Derlyn noded asked him to sit down and told him all about it. He told him all about the wealth that it has, the noble feasts, the endless supply of knowledge and so much more. He was once a guard there, but he retired and decided to come back to Mainland.
    Ermin was super excited, he wanted to know more about that place, cause he still remembers his old friend, Megan. He made a promise to her that he will see her in Elpida again, he can't wait to finally start his journey there too.
    Derlyn told many story's about Elpida and Ermin listened to every one of them. Derlyn mentioned the God's of Elpida too,
    Aestheria, Ignarus, Legaros, Marventa, Metus and Phaedron. These tales of the six gods really got to Ermin's head, he really liked the god named Legaros, he told Derlyn that he wants to know more about Legaros. After a few months, Ermin started following the God of Aether, Legaros and he prayed for him every night.

    Years passed, 12 to be exact. Ermin still holds his promise and his whistle from Megan, that he one day will meet her on the land of Elpida and today. that day has come. Ermin is 23 years old now, he's a soldier and he's pretty high ranked in a small town where he lived his life with his sister and his teacher, and his best friend Edwin, a former Soldier who retired because he started a family with his wife.
    Ermin, Emma, Derlyn and Edwin were standing by the port, Ermin finally had saved up enough money for his journey to Elpida, he hugged everyone, he said "I'll miss you all, you guys were always there for me. Can't believe its already been 13 years. I love you everyone, ill be praying for you everyday and dont worry, ill come to visit someday too".
    They all started shedding tears, his sister walked up to him, proud of what he has accomplished, he gave him her necklace, it was a silver chain with a glass bottle, inside the bottle were small pieces of a Ruby, she said its a gift from her, to keep him safe and as a reminder of the town they lived in.

    Ermin got on the ship and as the ship departed from the port, Ermin waved goodbye to his family, he clenched both the whistle and the necklace, and so, Ermin's journey to Elpida, had begun.
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    This is a fantastic bio! Really well done, good job. I cant find anything wrong with it at the moment so I'll just accept it!
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    Thanks so much :) This is my first time doing this so, im glad it turned out well.
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