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Anything wrong with Joe as a character? Pleas let me know, as I want to iron out any overpoweredness

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    Full Name: Josiah von Berstulten (Bur-Stool-ten)
    Nickname(s): Joe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Date of birth: February 17th, 2386S
    Place of birth: The Mainland
    Current residence: Outskirts of Elpida
    Job: Gladiator
    Interests and hobbies: Fighting against other combatants. Watches water ripple from stones. Loves the night sky.
    Minecraft Username: AintSoSlimShady
    Religious Belief: No Religious Belief
    Signature Item (s): Short sword that was given to him by his father, Bernard, for his 12th birthday. His short sword, Tytan, is what keeps him going when times seem rough. He makes sure to keep his short sword clean, polished and sharp, ready for a fight when it comes his way. It's gotten Joe through tough times, even saved his life when he was attacked by a pack of wolves when he was 15. Locket given to him by his best friend, before she was married off to a rich man.
    Discord Username: Joe (Onsley) #0273
    Backstory: Joe was born to a family who had enough to get by without worrying. They weren't rich, but they certainly weren't poor. He began to train with a wooden short sword, against his father Bernard, at the age of seven. His mother Eleanor, advised against it, wanting her son to grow up as a farmer, safe from pain inflicted by weaponry. Bernard spoke to Eleanor, explaining why it was a good idea, and that Joe had agreed to learning swordsmanship. Eleanor reluctantly agreed, but explained if he received a life threatening injury, she would pull him from training, and have him pursue a different path. Bernard agreed upon this term, and began training his only son in the art of swordsmanship.

    Joe began to understand how to wield his short sword at the age of eight, slowly becoming more experienced as time went on. Bernard began to have trust that Joe would know how strong to strike with a sword to where he wouldn't harm anyone, so he changed out the beaten up wooden sword to a sword made from a more durable material, bronze. As Joe grew older, so did his skill with a short sword. He learned the optimal distance at which to strike from at age 10. He was offered to have his sword changed from a short sword, to a broad sword. Joe declined, stating that he enjoyed how fluid he felt with a short sword. As he grew older, he had to change how he attacked with his sword. Now that he was beginning to grow, his stance needed to change. His most difficult challenge he faced with learning swordsmanship so far was learning how to adapt to his growing body. His father began bringing in other children Joe's age. Joe was able to best the bigger, bulkier children easier then the smaller, more lean children. He felt as though he couldn't beat them, doubting his own abilities which he'd been honing for four years. He proceeded to falter in his step, and that began to be his fault, as he most likely would've been able to beat them, as they were faster with there strikes, not stronger.
    After losing his ninth fight against a young swords woman, Joe began to train harder against his father. He would strike harder, sacrificing his speed in combat for a more heavy attack. His father would parry his attacks, until the faithful day when he struck his fathers left arm, weakening it. Joe had torn his father's strong arm, his left arm, making it just as weak as his right arm. His injury was the sole reason for Bernard to quit swordsmanship. Bernard looked at his son, shocked at how he had struck him with his blade, but also proud. He felt as though his son was ready for his own blade. Come Joe's 12th birthday, he received a sword of his own. It was crafted from the finest steel Bernard could purchase, with the budget he had. He had the word Tytan inscribed on the blade. It had a fine leather handle, and a wonderful hilt, which made it very hard to slip from Joe's hands. With Tytan, Joe felt proud. His father had smithed a wonderful sword. He was far from incredible at swordsmanship, but he wasn't anywhere near awful.

    After receiving his blade, Joe continued to train against other young swordsman and swords woman, as he felt more confident in his swordsmanship. Until Grace came along. She was a young swordswoman, and Joe felt as though he were about to fight someone he would regret beating. Joe let Grace beat him, as he faltered in his swings. Every time he made eye contact with her, he felt as though his legs were jelly. He wasn't able to focus on the fight, as every time he would look at her stance he would just stare, and be unable to judge her next move properly. This ended with her besting Joe, and beginning to want to know him. She had heard about Joe's prowess with a blade, yet this was who she was told to be careful when fighting? Grace proceeded to introduce herself, and attempt to get to know him.

    One evening when he was 15 he went into the forest, looking to reflect on why Grace was marrying someone at such a young age, he felt as though he was being watched. He continued to walk through the forest, when he was attacked by a small pack of wolves. He proceeded to run to the nearest tree, attempting to climb it, before one of the wolves lunged, and successfully grabbed him by his ankle. As Joe was wincing and screaming for help, he pulled out Tytan, and slashed at the wolves thick fur. As he tried to successfully get a cut through fur, another one of the wolves lunged at him. He slashed Tytan at the new threat, landing a lucky blow onto the wolves throat. He heard the wolf whimper, as blood poured from the cut. The wolf that was attacking his ankle, let the grip lighten up, barely enough for Joe to successfully slash at the wolves eye, making it howl in pain. Joe knew he had to act fast, to save his ankle, before the wolf resumed its grip, and in the moment, Joe slashed at the same spot he slashed at the other wolf. As the third and final wolf saw his pack slain, he ran off, knowing if he stayed, the human would kill him too.

    As Joe grew to be 16, and 17, he rested to let his ankle heal properly. Luckily it was deep, but not deep enough to cause infection, or break any bones/tendons. As Grace visited him for the last time she could, she had a gift for him. It was a locket, with the inscription, Never feel alone, if you do, remember our friendship. It would help him to remember their time together, and as Joe continued to age to 19, he heard all of the words about the promise land, Elpida, and how he could grow to be wealthy, given his swordsmanship skill. He certainly wasn't renowned or a legend, he certainly was recognized. When Joe turned 19, he had an epiphany. All he had in the Mainland was Eleanor and Bernard, his only family. Joe felt as though he wouldn't be able to move past Grace, or the time they had, as he became very attached to her before she got married. He knew he had to leave his life behind, but knowing his parents wouldn't approve of him leaving the Mainland, he began to fight in Gladiator rings, earning enough cash from his winnings to be able to leave the Mainland behind. Before he left his old life behind, he told his parents to not resent him for what he was doing, as that would end in them hating him. His final words to his parents before leaving them behind was, I love you, one day we'll meet again, even if that's in years. And as he finished the last letters on his letter to his parents, he left his childhood home, in search of a new life in Elpida. He would cherish his time spent with them, but knew the place he belonged was in Elpida, the promise lands.​
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    Welcome to Minecraft Frontiers!

    Really nice bio you have here, I couldn't find a single fault with it.
    Consider yourself accepted into the community and hope to see you soon!

    Also if you wouldn't mind, please edit your minecraft username into your bio.
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