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    Username: KizmanGerald
    Full Name: Aelwynn Jann
    Nickname(s): Aelwynn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Date of birth: 9/10/2380S
    Place of birth: The Mainland
    Job: Mercenary
    Interests and hobbies:
    Swordplay, Running and Drinking
    Religious Belief: His patron god is Ignarus
    Signature Item (s): He has a badge given to him by his father as a boy

    Story Paragraphs:
    Aelwynn Jann was born on The Mainland to moderately wealthy parents. His childhood was particularly normal; he played with his friends in the streets, learnt social skills, grew up happy and healthy. Until, unfortunately, his mother passed away due to a bandit raid on the local town. This drove Aelwynn to a dark place due to his grief. His father, sensing potential in the boy, taught him how to handle a sword well and true. By the age of 15, he was a strong and noble warrior and his father was proud beyond measure, giving Aelwynn his badge from his time in the army, as a badge of appreciation and honour. Aelwynn left home at 17 years of age, wandering around The Mainland, earning enough money to go to Elpida. Finally arriving after 9 years of saving, Aelwynn departed to Elpida in order to make a name for himself as a mercenary, in the most honourable way he can.
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    Hello and welcome!

    A really good start to your bio, however we do require at least 1-2 more paragraphs on your characters life and backstory.

    Let us know when you’ve updated it :D

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