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    Username: cbass9
    Discord Username: cbass2003#1302
    Full Name: Alexander Publius
    Nickname(s): Bass
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Date of birth: October 19, 2383S
    Place of birth: On a voyage in the South
    Job: Merchant, Explorer
    Interests and hobbies: Playing music, writing, studying the strategies of war
    Religious Belief: Marventa, Metus
    Signature Item (s): My logbook


    Bass was born Alexander Publius, on a merchant voyage with his parents to a tribal kingdom. He would live about a year and a half this way until his parents would go on one fateful journey without him. They left him with his grandfather due to the dangerous route through a sea infested by pirates. His mother and father's ship would end up being raided and his parents both killed. This catapulted Mr. Publius into a life of chaos. He would go on to live with his uncle in Elpida.

    He remains close with his uncle, however, his uncle runs a land trade organization and Alexander captains a merchant ship. He got a job on the ship at age 14 and worked up the ranks until becoming a captain at age 20. His aspirations are to expand the number of ships he commands eventually growing into a fleet.
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    Hello there!

    A good start to your bio, however we do typically require at least 3-4 paragraphs before a bio can be accepted. Try adding a bit more about your character's background and personality and let us know when you've updated it :D

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