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Approved All Hail [yet to be emperor] Matthias!

Discussion in 'Character Bios' started by RandomUserHere, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. RandomUserHere

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    Full name: Matthias Gulpia Corvus
    Gender: Male
    Experienced Politician
    Age: 38
    All required info (such as signature item(s)) in the paragraphs.
    DOB: July 12, 2367S
    Minecraft User: RandomUserHere
    Discord user: Blue.Blade#4523 (nickname Matthias Corvus - Politician)

    Matthias Corvus lived a great life on the Mainland. He was so close to getting the Senate position. He would never have imagined things going the way they did. He had built up a great life: A wife, a daughter, and a son who would bear the gift of politics. They had a beautiful 2-story house, and a large field for the kids to play in behind it. When running for Senator, he was fighting an uphill battle, and still was winning. His tactics of using the gods, and finding dirt were never before seen, and so it couldn't be countered. He had it all.
    One day, he met an opponent at a bar. He was filled with hatred upon seeing Timere, but he had good self-control. While he drank, he thought of a way to spin this into his favor. Start a fight where Timere throws the first punch? No, people would see Matthias as the one provoking him. Perhaps he could talk about how noisy and irresponsible the guy is. Yeah, that would work. He would even politely ask the guy to quiet down, assuming Timere would say no. Things got blurry from there, but when waking up the next morning he was in a cell. He was informed that, in fact, he had punched Timere? Damn, he thought. How could I save myself? He had committed political suicide. There was nothing left of his chance at the Senate.
    He could only do one thing.
    Faking his death was hard on both him and his family, and he wept for many days as he traveled to start a new life in Elpida under a different name. He was only able to take his crucifix with him, a gift he received from his grandmother as a child. He prayed each night to Metus, the god of wealth, prosperity, the harvest, and the Sun. He prayed to have a good new start. After a while of thinking one lonely night, his spirits rose more and more. Elpida was detached from the Mainland. With a new government, he could mold his agenda into it. Starting as Executive Magistrate, he'd create an army of Elpida. A navy, too. They'd eventually break off from Patraeia once they were strong enough to defend themselves, and that's when he'd really get to work. Start by pushing his way into urban development, and then lean into trade laws. Fuse the three branches, and his plan would be complete.
    He was going to be the Emperor.
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    We typically expect a bit more writing for a bio to be approved, so it would be great if you could add to your bio a bit. Your character will also need a date of birth, minecraft username and Discord username (only if you want to get the member approval rank on our Discord).

    Let me know when you've updated it.
  3. Alir99

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